Fatima’s Fantastic Formula by Fatima Salaam

I grew up in New York and Atlanta but my parents moved to Selma when I was in my last year of Middle School. Imagine my angst and loneliness. I had a different accent, way of dressing, perspective, to sum it up—I did not belong. My father realized that I was struggling to fit in and find my place in the world. One night, he came into my room and gave me a book called “Excellence”. This book had a chapter on the value of positive visualization.

As a teenager, I remember scoffing to myself because how could a mere thought impact my life? But I always recalled that night and I had the chance to practice positive visualization the night before my first job interview out of college and I got the job.

In my twenties, I experienced a flurry of magical opportunities and I believed in the power of visualization. However, when I hit my thirties, I hit another juncture in my life and I faced many obstacles.  In my forties, I know for sure that there is indeed a formula to experiencing a life filled with wonder, delight, and divine interventions.  I nicknamed it “Fatima’s Formula for

  1. Believe in a higher power and yourself.
  2. Vision your ideal life every day.
  3. Change the station playing in your mind. Do you have negative thoughts? Do you beat yourself down?
  4. Learn how to say no so that you can say YES.
  5. Set goals.
  6. Develop an action plan.
  7. Evaluate your goals and plans monthly or at least quarterly.
  8. Surround yourself with people that exceed you and who open doors to new ways of thinking and being.
  9. Find your inner dolphin. Have fun every day.
  10. Face fear every day. If we live in our comfort zone, then we are not growing. What have you done today that made your palms sweat and your heart race?

Go Women Global knows that women need support and direction along the way in practicing this formula. Please visit us at www.gowomenglobal.com.

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