Spring Cleaning Our Heart by Fatima Salaam

This week, we are continuing to focus on renewing ourselves this spring by first paying attention to our hearts. As we shared last week, we know that we need to cleanse our spirit, when
we become self-satisfied. Remember, “a contented eye does not see faults.” Once we know the state of our heart, the work begins.

First, cleansing our heart is an ongoing process for the rest of our lives because the point is to avoid becoming content with ourselves. Second, cleansing our heart takes consistency–taking small steps daily. Here are some suggestions of small steps to take every day:
Wake up with a heart filled with gratitude. Take the time the time to sincerely thank someone every day.
Fast from overeating and overindulgence. It allows us to be more focused inwardly.
Practice kindness. Smile.
Be generous. Share your thoughts, space, money, and goodness.
Remember and reflect on God’s promise and mercy.

It cannot be said enough that renewing our spirit is a continuous process just like the seasons–check our hearts, cleanse our hearts, repeat.

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