Out with the old and In with the New by Fatima Salaam

This month, we continue to focus on Spring Renewal. This week, let’s discuss renewing our relationships. People who have deep and meaningful relationships are happier. But first, it is important to note that the people in our lives either fuel or drain us. Therefore, take some time to weed out toxic, negative, jealous, non-supportive haters. X them out right here, right now. Then we can begin the work of creating dynamic relationships.

Here are some tips from one of our favorite books, ‘The Charge’ by Brendon Burchard:
Define and design your ideal relationships. Ask yourself: what exactly do I want in my relationships in life? And how shall I attract, keep, and deepen my relationships with them?
Practice positive projection. This means that we must see the best in our relationships and expect the best from them. Remember, you get what you look for.
Find and cultivate growth friends. These are friends that you are actively going to engage and grow with so that your life is more energized. Growth friends excite you, will support you in a crisis, expose you to new ideas and concepts, make you laugh, are completely trustworthy, and introduce you to other quality people. And most importantly, you do all of this for them as well.
Once you define your ideal relationships, see the best in people, and focus on growth friends. Take the time to schedule out time to spend face to face time with the special and deserving people in your life. Do something everyday to grow your relationships and over time, your circle of friends can be rich, rewarding, and energizing.

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