Growing Through A Storm by Fatima Salaam

This month, Go Women Global is focusing on “Growing Through a Storm”. Many people seem to believe that if someone is having success, then everything is smooth sailing. But that is rarely the case. People who are successful navigate choppy waters all the time. The difference between successful and unsuccessful people is that successful people understand the value of setting your sail. One of our favorite mentors, Jim Rohn, would say “it is not the blowing of the wind but the set of the sail that’s makes the difference. The WIND blows on us all.”

What does it mean to set your sail? Let me tell you a story first. In the month of May, I set very high goals and I had the perfect plan to achieve these goals. But I did not account for these obstacles like my husband traveling for 2 weeks out of the month, my toddler’s last day of school, and my eldest daughter’s mad dash to finish high school. So I had the perfect map or so I thought until the sharks showed up in the water.

At this point, I could have abandoned ship in defeat and said “oh well, I will try again next month” or I could have drifted and blamed everybody. Excuses are limitless. What I decided to do instead was to anchor myself. I prayed, reminded myself of my purpose, and eliminated all distractions. For those 2 weeks, I kept my map in front of me and I navigated those choppy waters. As a result, I know that I grew through the storm.

Therefore, setting our sails means to draft a navigation route, stick to your map, anchor yourself, focus on the beacon of light ahead of you, and throw anyone or anything off the ship that might capsize you. I am just joking. 😉 Seriously, you may not throw folks off the ship but you may need to put them in the galley until the storm passes.

The point is we are either going through a storm, in a storm, or just left a storm so we need to be prepared for them so that the storm leaves us stronger, smarter, and wiser. Next week, our blog will focus on what is the value of storms in our lives.

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