We Own: Love is the Center of Go Women Global by Fatima Salaam

This is the week of Valentine’s Day. A week when folks are swept up in love. For entrepreneurs, starting your business can feel like falling in love. What I’ve found on my entrepreneurial journey is that my heart is at the center of every decision and choice for my company.

I’ve learned to trust my voice and my gut from my logo to my website. Everything flows from my heart. I once heard Oprah Winfrey say that she doesn’t hire brand mangers because ‘her heart is her brand.’

As I talk with other women entrepreneurs, they share the same sentiment. This led me to do some research on women and business. I was excited to find that love was at the center.

Women and business:

  • Women start businesses to balance their business and private life.
  • Women are more likely to sacrifice time for themselves and their social lives for their businesses.
  • Women are also more likely to hire their children.
  • Women usually get into creative and family-oriented businesses.

I said amen to those points because I started my business so that I could be my own boss and decide my priorities. My priority is my faith and the second is my family. Owning my business allows me to put what is important to me on my calendar first and put other obligations last.

For example, when my children return from school, I hear about their day and then they join me in working for our family businesses. They know why it is important to help and they are gaining valuable skills.

Another example is that when I travel, I make it a point to take the children whenever possible so that we can have quality time but also to allow them to see the bigger picture.

As women, we can have it all if love is at the center and not fear. I love my big crazy life and I make choices that support what I love. That is the power of having #myown.

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