Lessons I Learned from Legends


When I lived in Selma, AL from 1985-1990, I was blessed to meet and be mentored by Civil Rights’ Legends. I learned key lessons that have served me until now. These lessons helped me to build a firm foundation for all areas of my life. I was able to rely on these lessons as I transformed my life from broke single mom to world traveling entrepreneur.

This month, we focused on these lessons on our YouTube channel. Here is a summary:

There are 5 concepts that I learned, applied to my life, and taught to our clients.

  1. Be Indefatigableto never tire out. When you are entrepreneur or a high performer, you can become overwhelmed. This will help you stay the course:
  • tie your dreams and goals to your purpose
  • set goals and after them daily
  • develop a tireless work ethic that is tied to your purpose
  • associate with like minded people with the same or similar purpose
  • decide to lead with no doubt or hesitation

2.   Be Undefeatedto only win or to not lose. When you are truly in the game, you have to decide if you play to win or play not to lose. This will allow you to stay motivated.

3.   Be Unbowednot having submitted to demands or pressures. In order to stay focused in a world of constant demands, we need clear and consistent core values that guide us.

4. Be Unshakeableunable to be disputed or questioned. I decided to imagine a ‘force field’ around myself and my dreams about 4 years ago. This allows me to stay focused on my passion and purpose while protecting myself from toxicity, negativity, doubt, and naysayers.

5. Be Undeniable-unquestioned as to quality, merit, and goodness. As women entrepreneurs, we sometimes have so much to prove that we find ourselves questioning our worth or our value. I use daily affirmations to remind myself. I also acknowledge that there is a higher power who created me specifically to complete an assignment that no one can deny or block.

Everyone has major events occur in their lives that lead to life long lessons. Take some time to jot some of your lessons along the way and what you learned. Also, ask yourself, are you applying them?

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