‘Put It In a Box’ by Fatima Salaam

When I first became a business owner, I had to overcome a huge learning curve. I had to learn new skills, develop my mindset, and change some of my behaviors. One concept I learned in the beginning is that attitude is truly everything. I define attitude as the energy that we give out as we … Continue reading ‘Put It In a Box’ by Fatima Salaam

Our Client’s Triumph Over Abuse by Fatima Salaam

“Doubt kills more dreams than failure ever will.” ― Suzy Kassem In my experience, the reason women fail to advance in their careers or fail to successfully establish a business for more than five years is due to barriers unique to being a woman. One major barrier that impacts women more than men is experiencing self-doubt. … Continue reading Our Client’s Triumph Over Abuse by Fatima Salaam

‘We Own’ by Fatima Salaam, CEO

Thank you for joining our community of like-minded folks. Go Women Global’s vision is eliminate poverty for women around the globe. We understand that every barrier that impacts women shares the root of poverty. Poverty leads to illiteracy, child marriage, sex trafficking, lack of access to healthcare, and so much more. While there are many … Continue reading ‘We Own’ by Fatima Salaam, CEO