​​”Today I sat in a room full of Christian and Muslim Women. We stood strong in our faiths. We supported one another. We inspired one another. WE RESPECTED EACH OTHER. We learned from one another. I wish the world could feel like that room.” ‪#‎Powerof10‬ ‪#‎GoWomenGlobal‬ – Keisha Kuma, author, ‘Sins of My Mother’

“Fatima Salaam has the unique ability to meet where you are. She helps you to navigate rough terrain and create a road map. Fatima is authentic but is able to speak the language of the land and she helps me do the same thing.” – Jamie Bennett, CEO, LifeStyle Group

“Fatima Salaam is an amazing coach. I’m the kind of person for whom overly positive, sunshine-y, only-the-good-stuff talk actually has a depressing effect on me. Your willingness to share your REAL life experiences, show some warts and demonstrate how this is a continuing life journey not a destination has been exactly what I needed.  I wish I had more women like you in my life on a daily basis. “
– Gretta Orazen

​”Go Women Global has truly been a catalyst for positive personal growth in my personal and business life. The personal contact and coaching afforded me the opportunity to pay closer attention to where and how I allocate my time and energy. I am grateful for Fatima and still sharing insights with others I have gained from her. Thank you sincerely!”
-Shahidah Sharif, Co-Founder, HajjPros ​

“Fatima inspired, mentored, and coached me to take my business to the next level. Her supportive and no nonsense approach gave me the courage to really go for my dreams and design a business that I love.”
– Hind Adeagbo, Founder & CEO, Savvy Svelte Moms, Reading, England

​”When I wanted to develop a non-profit program for teens, I didn’t really know where to begin. Discussions and strategy sessions with Fatima helped things make sense. Fatima’s ability to ask the hard questions and push in the right direction are ingredients for success.”
-Jamilah Rashid, Founder, My World